Tony Navarrete To Resign On Child Sexual Abuse Charges

Tony Navarrete
Tony Navarrete

The Governor from Arizona as well as the lawmakers of the state from both parties have asked for Tony Navarrete to resign. The Senator from the state faces multiple charges in connection with sexually abusing a minor- as has been alleged against him. The Governor of the state, Republican Doug Ducey, tweeted that the allegations against the Senator are despicable and he should resign pronto. Various members of the accused’s party have already asked for him to step down as the charges pose an untenable distraction. 

Tony Navarrete Disgraced By Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

Tony Navarrete was elected for the Senate from Arizona in 2018 from the Democratic end, as he represented the thirtieth district of Arizona.

He also served as a state representative previously. He was apprehended and later jailed on Thursday night on multiple charges of felony- which included child molestation, sexual intimacy with a minor, and attempted sexual contact with a minor. Sgt. Andy Williams, the Police Sgt from Phoenix verified the changes to CNN through a mail. All of these charges stem from his alleged conduct back in 2019.

The victim, now 16-years-old, stated that Tony Navarrete abused him quite a lot of times back when they resided in Phoenix. It started when the youth was 12 or 13 and later continued till he was 15. The charging document had all the necessary information and was filed in court in Maricopa County. Investigators have stated that they also have an audio recording that was made on Thursday where the disgraced Senator was apologizing to the victim. 

It has been reported that the victim currently suffers from anger issues as well as anxiety- which has stemmed from the alleged abuse, as stated in the charging document. The younger brother of the victim also mentioned to the police that Tony Navarrete had allegedly touched his upper leg- which led to the child hitting Navarrete’s hand.

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