Top John Deere Novelties for the Next Season

John Deere has unveiled a new strategy — the Smart Technology Company, which will come into action in 2021. It consists of three main components: the manufacturing systems, new technologies, and lifecycle solutions. John Deere will not only sell individual models of equipment — it will become an organization that offers integrated solutions for various types of agricultural work throughout the year. 

One of the developments that simplify the implementation of the new corporate model is the Operations Center. It is a cloud resource that allows you to control equipment remotely in real-time. With its help, you can track the location of vehicles, send tasks to specific units of equipment, exchange data with a dealer and partners, etc. All this helps to improve the productivity and quality of agricultural products. Meanwhile, you can also use the John Deere tractor code reader to detect possible malfunctions of the old equipment. 

Top Novelties from John Deere

  1. S400 combine harvester: 75% of cost savings 

One of the top novelties is the S400 series combine harvester, which has already shown its productivity in the soybeans’ and cornfields of Brazil. The machine is designed primarily for medium and small farms and has many advantages: it is easy to operate, minimizes harvesting losses, gives higher grain quality. According to Rodrigo Bonato, John Deere Sales Director for Brazil, the new combine is capable of delivering a 25% increase in productivity, as well as improving grain quality by 50% and reducing losses by 75%. 

  1. X-Series combine harvesters: grain loss of less than 1% 

There were also presented two new models of the X-Series combine harvesters. They allow large farms to increase the efficiency and speed of harvesting, especially in difficult areas, with high yields or high humidity. The new X9 1000 and X9 1100 combines became the flagships of the X-series. The X9 1100 harvester allows the highest possible performance in wheat harvesting — 100 t/h, and the grain loss is less than 1%. 

  1. HydraFlex headers: maximum performance 

John Deere has expanded its range of combine harvester headers to include the new HD series, the new HydraFlex headers, and the BP15 pick-up. They are all compatible with the new John Deere X-Series combines, as well as most S, T, and W-Series, to maximize harvester performance while minimizing grain loss. John Deere HDX headers are ideal for small grains and oilseed rape, especially on uneven or rugged hilly lands. 

  1. Grain processor: 90% grain size-reduction  

The new Xstream grain processor shows an impressive grain refining ratio — from 80 to 90%, while the overall market level is 50-70%. Thanks to XStream, farmers will be able to significantly improve the quality of harvested silage, which is extremely important for the livestock industry. 

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This is now the whole list of novelties provided by John Deere this year. The new self-propelled spreader has become faster for 28%. There is also an updated line of tractors with nice design and high productivity. So, take your time to study the novelties yourself! 

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