Outstandingly Liverpool Still Has Chances For The UCL

Liverpool Can Be Restored Under HIm Again?

Liverpool championed at Newcastle with a 2-0 with ten men played from the home side for straight 68 minutes while the initial half was followed by sending off Nick Pope, the goalkeeper. The red card indicates the suspension of Pope for the following Carabao Cup finale on Sunday which has come as a misfortune for Newcastle United.

Liverpool Had Already Made Their Mark With The Match Opening 

The red card cannot be an excuse for Newcastle United as the Merseyside’s players Cody Gakpo and Darwin Nunez had already put Liverpool at 2-0 right at the initial 20 minutes. So practically the game had already been difficult for Newcastle United while Liverpool had already been celebrating their victory even before Pope was smashed with the red card by Anthony Taylor, the referee.

Had Newcastle United won the match, it would have made its way to the top-four place and would be eligible to compete for the topmost place in the Champions League. However, now they need to aim against the chasing crowd followed by their defeat for the very first time in the Premier League since August.

The date should be marked as fortunate for Liverpool’s faltering session has gained some gear. The previous Augustvwitnessed a wonderfully woeful beginning to the campaign which has now been geared up after terribly beating the opposition Newcastle United and are now ready to battle for the fourth and also the final position at the Champions League.

It cannot be ignored that the Merseyside side still stands in eighth place which is below Tottenham and Newcastle but the outstanding way Liverpool threatened the host team in the initial 20 minutes of the game brought back their reputation for the kind of experience and quality that Liverpool squads hold.