Toronto Raptors Forward Pascal Siakam Apologizes For Embiid Fracture

pascal siakam
pascal siakam

Philadelphia 76ers’ Game 6 against the Raptors got physical last Thursday. Even as the Sixers began to move ahead in the 2nd half they engaged in a tough matchup with the Raptors in the 1st half.

Embiid knew the team was moving on their way to a win and did a bit of his trademark showboating. After a dunk, he celebrated with his famous airplane run. And seconds later he ended up with a broken facial bone.

Raptors’ Pascal Siakam elbowed Embiid on the face and the Toronto commentator reacted with glee, commenting that Embiid deserved it. But after the loss in Game 6, which led to their elimination, Pascal Siakam mentioned that he had no issues with Embiid’s celebration and tried to separate that with his infamous elbow seconds later.

Pascal Siakam Stressed That The Incident Had Nothing To Do With Embiid’s Celebration

Pascal Siakam said that it was the way Embiid normally celebrated and they as a team was more concerned with playing better and beating them. He said that it is for Embiid to celebrate the way he wanted and said that he had no issues with it.

Pascal Siakam said that the subsequent elbow to the face was not intentional and was apologetic about it. He said he felt bad about it but was only making a move. He said that he had apologized to Embiid after that.

The issue unfortunately refuses to go away. Embiid joked after the game that he believed Pascal had broken his face and that later turned out to be true.

Pascal Siakam and Embiid are friends and the incident was nothing other than two intense competitors going at it. It is ill-fated that it happened and while the Raptors commentators’ words were unfortunate, it was an accident.

Sixers officials revealed that Embiid received an orbital fracture and also a mild concussion. That will make Embiid miss Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Heat.