Ron DeSantis Promises Open Carrying Of Guns In Florida Before End Of Term

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis reiterated his backing for a gun carry law. His supporters have termed it ‘constitutional carry,’ predicting that the Legislature of Florida would move ahead with the law before he is up for reelection.

The Republican governor said he wasn’t certain of the time frame within which the law would be enacted, but the signature on the bill was a certainty before he completes his term as governor. Ron DeSantis was speaking at a Levy County press conference where he was present to discuss a local issue, the funding of local infrastructure.

The ‘constitutional carry’ issue is moving forward in Florida and Ron DeSantis had informed the audience at Trump’s private club, Mar-a-Lago, that he anticipated the Republican-controlled legislature to move ahead with the issue this year during a special session.

Ron DeSantis was at it again, speaking before his followers in Eagle Lake. DeSantis also brought up gun laws at the Tallahassee conference on March 29. The Republican president of the Senate in Florida, Wilton Simpson reiterated his support for the bill.

Ron DeSantis Has The Backing Of The Formidable National Rifle Association

The legislature in Georgia has become the 25th American state to permit ‘constitutional carry.’ The National Rifle Association has been lobbying for more relaxation in the open carrying of guns for decades and has succeeded immensely, given its political and monetary clout.

Ron DeSantis can count on the formidable backing of the NRA. Jason Ouimet of the NRA said that the right to publicly carry firearms remains enshrined in the American Constitution. The government should not have the power to force citizens to ask for consent to exercise this right.

Nikki Fried, Democratic Agricultural Commissioner, who is running for her party’s nomination to take on DeSantis in the election in November, called the decision absurd as the state has experienced several cases of mass shootings, among the worst in the history of the country. She called it an insult to the memories of every gun victim and their families.