The Tension Building Up Between Damian Lillard And The Team

damian lillard

The Portland Trail Blazers manager Joe Cornin met with Damian Lillard and the whole team about direction. Damina’s agent was present.

There have been difficulties for the past few weeks. 

According to various tweets since the meeting, other teammates might have had a subtle argument surrounding Damian. Which might have triggered the manager Joe Cornin.

Everyone is focused on keeping Damian in focus and making him a winner. However, the Portland Trail Blazers cannot immediately let go of Henderson.

In a recent match, they used G-league ignite point No. 3 overall pick to guard Scoot Henderson. They are holding onto two crucial forces at present.

Damian Lillard Leaving Blazers Soon

He has been playing for the Blazers for the last 11 years. Damian Lillard has won Rookie of the Year already. He has been serving with the Portland Trail Blazers since 2012. He has been drafted to No.6.

He has made seven all-star teams.

Again Damian Lillard was responsible for leading the team toward the western conference.

This year is crucial. The Portland Trail Blazers haven’t won a single trophy in a playoff series since 2016.

They are betting on Damian Lillard.

He is only 33 and soon to be leaving the Blazers for a better team with a better position.

The rumors of trading skyrocketed, revolving around him.

The rumor peaked after 2016. Again it peaked in 2021, but the management hasn’t moved Damian Lillard. They kept ignoring all the queries regarding his trading.

The last greatest deal of all time with C.J. McCollum happened in 2022. They didn’t bother to move Damian Lillard even after that. 

All these are now pointing towards immediate replacement. However, whatever decision will be taken after the match? Now everyone’s money is on Lillard.