Training Webinars 101 : From Why You Need Them To How To Conduct Them


It is quite common to train employees when onboarding them, but it is equally important to keep giving them learning & development opportunities regularly for ensuring they keep acquiring new skills. In the past decade, there was an upsurge in online training solutions that made it easy to deliver training to employees digitally.

While eLearning modules are a great way to help employees upskill, using a blended learning approach is even more beneficial. It combines the online training method with in-person instructor-led training sessions, thus providing employees the best of both worlds.

L&D professionals around the globe believe that webinars are one of the most effective ways of delivering engaging instructor-led training to employees. They allow employees to get access to and learn from industry professionals regardless of their location.

Why Do Organizations Need Webinars?

  • They provide flexibility:

Employees can attend training webinars from the comfort of their home or any other place of convenience. All they need to do is log in to the platform where the webinar is being hosted. This provides them high flexibility which enhances the learning experience.

  • They decrease training costs:

Getting everyone in the same venue can be expensive. With webinars, you can provide employees the opportunity to learn from industry experts sitting in a different country without spending any money on their travel.

  • They increase productivity:

When an instructor personally explains difficult concepts through a webinar, employees can learn better and faster. This maximizes their understanding of a topic, which when applied to their work can increase their productivity significantly.

  • They promise higher retention of information:

Since there is absolutely no effort required to join a webinar, employees find it highly comfortable to learn from a webinar. They can give it their undivided attention which leads to higher retention of information.

How To Conduct Engaging & Productive Webinars?

  • Use the right technology:

For an engaging live-streaming webinar, it is important to use reliable web conferencing solutions that provide high quality audio and video output. It provides a seamless learning experience where employees can interact with instructors in real-time and participate by asking queries. Make sure the software you choose has an easy-to-use interface so time doesn’t get wasted in setup or navigation.

  • Share training material in advance:

To ensure maximum utilization of employee time, it is necessary to share the training material with the employees well in advance. This allows employees to be aware of what exactly they will be learning through the webinar. When they get familiar with the training material before the webinar, it increases their chances of being able to comprehend and connect with the instructor.

  • Make sure the content is well-prepared and relevant:

Keeping the training content relevant to the audience is the key to keeping them engaged. When instructors come prepared with the training topics and deliver what is expected, it leads to a truly productive session. It is crucial to structure the content in a way that is easy to consume, uncomplicated and explained in a way that employees can easily grasp.

  • Keep it interactive:

The main purpose of a webinar is to allow interaction between the learners and instructors. Rather than just conveying information the entire time, make it a point to involve employees at regular intervals to keep the session interactive. You can ask them questions or conduct polls related to the training material to understand whether or not they are able to connect with the training content.


A truly successful webinar will not only enrich the employees but also leave them wanting more. By keeping in mind the above mentioned strategies you can curate and conduct insightful webinars that successfully educate employees without a lot of investment.

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