Trevor Bauer Being Picked Out; Dave Roberts Of Dodgers Outraged At The Sticky Situation

Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer

Dave Roberts is upset. And the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Manager has a reason to be. His star pitcher, Trevor Bauer was the singular target of Major League Baseball’s drive to rein in the constant use of substances that have influenced the game. Several suspicious baseballs from the Dodgers’ star pitcher were sent for inspection to the MLB.

 Trevor Bauer’s name has cropped up in current reports in The Athletic. They have said that the balls used in the game against the Oakland Athletics got picked up for checking. They reportedly contained foreign substances sticking to them. Bauer was upset at the leaking of confidential reports.

Trevor Bauer Singled Out For His Star Status

MLB has been trying to rein in the use of unknown substances by pitchers that have influenced spin rates on the ball and produces more misses and swings. A memo dated March 23 has outlined three policing methods, including stationing employees at the ballpark to identify violations and checking Statcast data for alarming variations.

For MLB, the 2021 season will be more about gathering data. Balls from various pitchers were collected to that effect.

To be fair to the MLB, it has not directly pointed out any involvement by Trevor Bauer in the issue. But any evidence collected now could later be used as evidence. It has taken steps to prevent people involved in the game from introducing substances that could influence the game.

But manager Roberts is sure that Robert Bauer is being singled out for being a big name and also for having spoken out against the powerful Rob Manfred and MLB. He feels that it is difficult to pinpoint where the substance in a ball comes from.

It is particularly ironic as Trevor Bauer has several times spoken up on the need to rein in the use of any substance. But an unusual variation in his spin rate has raised suspicion in the 2020 season. But Roberts points out that Trevor Bauer’s name is the only one being heard.