Matthew Wolff Disqualified At The Masters

Matthew Wolff
Matthew Wolff

Matthew Wolff has been disqualified from the Masters during the 2nd round owing to the reason that he was found to have signed for a lesser score than the one he originally made on number 17.

Matthew Wolff has opened with a score of 76 and continued his struggles on 9th April, Friday as well. He has made an 8 quintuple bogey during the 1st hole. Following that was six over for the entire day along with an outside cut after he made the turn. Ultimately he finished the 2nd round with 79 and officially made bogey on the 17th.

Matthew Wolff in Trouble At Masters

Matthew Wolff was announced to be disqualified by the Masters’ Tournament for signing his card at a lower score.

Matthew Wolff had withdrawn himself from the Workday Championship of the World Gold Championships in the Concession. This happened right after the opening round 83 as well as some weeks before he did the same mistake after shooting the score of 78 during the 1st round in the OPne Farmers Insurance.

In addition, this is not the 1st time that Matthew Wolff has landed in trouble. During the month of January in the American Express, he was examined for a 1 stroke penalty due to the reason of violating Rule 9.4b. This rule states the ball moved or lifted by the player will be given a penalty for deliberately doing those actions.

In the 1st hole, Wolff drove the ball inside the rough on his left side. Nonetheless, the ball started moving during the backswing. Slugger White, the Rules official, discussed this situation with Wolff.

This was addressed by him with the Rules Committee of the PGA Tour on Thursday. After this discussion, they reversed the decision after they received the video evidence. This video was originally unavailable during the time which revealed Wolff was held responsible for the change in the ball’s movement.