Tropical Storm Hanna strengthens into Atlantic’s first hurricane of 2020

The tropical storm Hanna has picked up its pace to approximately 75miles per hour, according to the Forecasters from the National Hurricane Center. This makes it not just a hurricane but rather the first Hurricane of the year in the Atlantic hurricane basin.

“As of 8 a.m. Saturday, the center of Hanna was swirling about 90 miles east-northeast of Port Mansfield, Texas and about 100 miles east-southeast of Corpus Christi, Texas” reads the latest advisory.

 The “H” storm that came before Hanna was the storm Harvey, formed in 2005.Along with high speed sustained winds, around six to twelve inches of rain are a possibility.

Life-threatening flash flooding is one of the biggest concerns with this hurricane. Apart from that, small streams can rapidly rise, and isolated rivers in south Texas cab easily. These warnings come from the National Hurricane Center.

There could also be isolated pockets of eighteen inches in places like southern Texas. Along the upper Texas, the rain levels could be around three to five inches.

The tropical storm Gonzalo is also being monitored by the forecasters for updates, although it has reportedly been weakened by dry air.

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