Darcey Silva Put an End To Tries Of Reconciliation

Darcey Silva

Darcey Silva was about to get married to Georgi Rusev, but she ended the relationship. Darcey and her twin sister Stacey decided to get married on the same day. But she has closed the doors to her heart for Rusev and stuck to her decision. She has warned before and doing it again, she won’t be coming back. Darcey’s heart is made of stone.

Darcey Silva Is Not A Fan Of Surprise

Even after Georgi Rusev’s relationship ended with Darcey Silva, later he was asked to be Florial Sukaj’s best man. Which came as an unpleasant wish to Darcey. Rusev was planning a surprise visit to Darcey Silva while she was with Stacey and Florian, but the plan didn’t work. Darcey got to know beforehand and encountered Stacey for keeping the news a huge secret. Which later turned into a heated argument. However, Stacey tried to keep her hands clean, she claimed she didn’t know he was coming until it was too late and put the whole thing on Florian in a subtle way.

The heated argument happen just before Darcey Silva record her song. And later disclosed how mad she was knowing that Georgi was coming to Miami. And Georgi being in the same city as she affects her headspace. All she cares about now is her upcoming date with Cicero.

Darcey Silva feels like Rusev is invading her personal space. Although he made clear why he was there, and he didn’t want to reconcile, he just loves her too much. Therefore, he wants to win her back. After knowing she has a date, it kills him internally. Cicero on their first date made Darcey Silva feel like a goddess, as Rusev said he might have lots of money.