Donald Tusk Poland PM: Readies Program To Strengthen Ties With EU

Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk assumed power in Poland with his mission of refining ties with the European Union. The Polish parliament elected the centrist leader as their PM following conservative rule for 8 years that proved to be stormy and controversial all along.

The Centrist party leader came to power with the promise to build bridges with the European Union. A former leader of the EU, Donald Tusk served as the president of the European Council between 2014 and 2019. He also maintained a strong connection in Brussels. Tusk is sure to improve his nation’s position in the bloc.

Donald Tusk was the prime minister of Poland between 2007 and 2014. His ascension comes close to 2 months after the election result brought an indecisive result with a motley coalition of moderate conservatives and the left-wing emerging winner.

The parties competed on independent tickets but have promised to collaborate with Donald Tusk as their leader. They have also assured that they would improve their relationship with allies and restore the standard of democracy in Poland.

Donald Tusk’s Victory Marks Significant Change For Polish People

The ascension of Donald Tusk is seen as a significant change for this Central European country with a population of 38 million. A mass disgust at the rule of the Law and Justice party has led to a massive turnout that finally replaced the rulers who many Poles believe were moving the nation away from democratic rule.

In a brief speech, Donald Tusk thanked the people of Poland and said it was significant for those who believed the situation would improve. He assumed power after former PM Mateusz Morawiecki went under after losing a vote of confidence.

The Law and Justice party under Morawiecki had a strong support base. But the party earned the ire of the liberals as well as its Western allies, including the 27-nation-strong European Union. Donald Tusk comes to power in the fifth most populated nation in Europe. He assumes power even as anti-EU leaders like Geert Wilders of the Netherlands gain in strength.