Troy Price, The New Executive Director Of New Hampshire

Troy Price
Troy Price

The Democratic Party of the state of New Hampshire chose their new executive director. It is Troy Price. He is one of the former chairmen of the Democratic Party of the state of Iowa. He was the chairman when there were chaotic caucuses in the state in the year 2020. The announcement about his appointment was made on the 13th of August that fell on a Friday.

Troy Price And Other’s Visions

The hiring of Troy Price takes place at a time when the political condition of the state is extremely critical. Maggie Hasan, the senator belonging to the party, is to have a tough time getting reelected in the year 2022. It is to be noted that this is the first term of the said senator. The coming election is extremely essential in determining if the DemocraticParty can maintain its dominance in the Senate or not. Troy Price will take over his new office on the 16th of August, that is on Monday.

Ray Buckley, the chairman of the Democratic Party of New Hampshire, gave a statement on the plans of the party. The statement was given in one of the press releases from Friday. He stated that they were looking forward to building a team that would have all the experienced leaders and political stars in it.

This would help the party mobilize and organize all the voters that were present in each and every corner. Buckley further stated that with the help of Troy Price and a few other leaders who were senior in the party, they would build a forced political party that would effectively support the local committees of the party. And further help the party emerge to be victorious in the municipal elections that are to take place in the fall.