Lindsey Graham Censured By Republican Politicians

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham, the senator belonging to the Republican Party from the state of South Carolina, got censured. This was carried out by the Republican Party of the county of Aiken. This incident took place this week. As per reports, it has been stated that the reason why the organization took that decision was that the concerned senator supported the infrastructure bill introduced by Joe Biden, Democratic President of the country. 

Lindsey Graham’s Views

It is to be noted that the organization is extremely Republican in nature. He also stated that senator Lindsey Graham knowingly violated the principles of the Republican Party of the state of South Carolina. They further stated that the concerned senator encouraged other politicians to invite the involvement of the Chinese in the country. They stated that the Chinese investment in the projects of the United States of America would cause a threat to the national security of the country.

The bipartisan bill which was supported by senator Lindsey Graham is to focus on the strategic infrastructure projects of the country. The money will be put to develop bridges, highways, and roads. The total votes that were earned by the bipartisan bill were 69-30. It got supported by all the 50 senators belonging to the Democratic Party.

The total number of politicians belonging to the Republican Party who supported the bill, including senators Lindsey Graham, was 19. After the bill got approved on the floor of the House, the said senator stated it would be extremely beneficial for the citizens. He stated that the infrastructure bill would prove to be extremely beneficial for the state of South Carolina. He further added that it would benefit the infrastructure of the state including the internet connection.