Trump Aide Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Endorses Joe Biden in 2020 Presidential Race

George T. Conway III Endorses Joe Biden
George T. Conway III Endorses Joe Biden

George T. Conway III, husband of Kellyanne Conway clearly upheld his disliking towards President Donald Trump by co-writing an op-ed in the Washington Post with anti-trump Republicans on backing up Democratic candidate Joe Biden for the presidential election,2020.

The members of the conservative group, Lincoln Project and George declared through the op-ed that they would be supporting Biden. The Lincoln group is a project which was undertaken in December to oust Donald Trump from his office.

The op-ed criticized Trump saying that the US is ruled by a President who is not ready for this role. It further said that Trump was short of intelligence, morality, leadership, and management.

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It further said, “Publicly supporting a Democratic nominee for president is a first for all of us.

Citing Biden’s character and experience, they said that they trust in Biden.

Drawing a comparison between Trump and Biden, the op-ed stated that Trump gives way to his self-aggrandizement narcissism through his presidency whereas Biden has always been involved in public service and working for the greater good of the Americans.