Romney is only GOP senator not on new White House coronavirus task force

coronavirus task force
coronavirus task force

The congressional task force created by the White House to study reopening of parts of the country shut due to the virus scare witnessed the exclusion of only one Republican Senator, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah.

On Thursday afternoon, the White House released a list titled “Opening Up America Again Congressional Group” which named at least 70 senators. The Senators list included all the 52 members of Romney’s GOP, present in the chamber.

From the time Romney joined the Senate, he has been considered an enemy by Trump. He was also the sole voter for the article ‘abuse of power’ in the Senate impeachment trial held this year.

However, the bitterness between the two started way back when Romney criticized Trump in the 2016 Republican presidential primary which was followed by Trump’s reaction in 2016 in which he called Romney “one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of Republican politics.”

However, Trump and Romney reconciled when the former considered the latter for the cabinet post and endorsed Romney’s senator bid.

Meanwhile, Senators Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders who stood for the presidential nomination,2020 of the Democratic Party, and Red-state Democrats Joe Manchin and Doug Jones were also excluded from the list.