Mix ‘n Match: 5 Upscaled Turkey- and-Drink Combination for Thanksgiving

Turkey- and-Drink Combination
Turkey- and-Drink Combination

Whether it’s your first time to host Thanksgiving or been doing it since then, the classic Thanksgiving foods have never been changed. From the traditional stuffed turkey to hearty seasonal recipes, these things will never get out of style. 

However, let’s face it. Sometimes, we become insatiable with the things that we are used to, such as foods. Therefore, adding a little twist to your traditional Thanksgiving meal and pairing it with concocted cocktails will put the dining experience into an upscale one without writing off the essence of such a significant holiday.  

If you haven’t had anything for your Thanksgiving menu, we’ll provide some of the classic turkey-and-drink combinations that’ll give a new flavor profile to Thanksgiving’s flavor palate.  

  1. Stuffed Turkey and Pumpkin Spice Margarita 

The whole turkey is primarily the most significant dish on the table during Thanksgiving day. As the centerpiece to every table, home cooks put their all in this dish – cooking style, method, and special ingredients – to impress the visitors by expressing their Thanksgiving culinary ideas.  

Typically, they stuff their turkeys with seasonal ingredients like sweet potatoes. Then add some fruits and veggies like sliced apples and carrots. Although it sounds odd, they also put some chopped nuts like almonds, pecan, and walnuts, giving a nutty and earthy flavor.  Stuffing some cornbread is a perfect addition as well.  

When it comes to the drink that matches stuffed turkey, it’s best-paired with pumpkin spice margaritas for fall fun. The pumpkin puree added in the typical margarita concoction gives a taste of fall – hearty and satisfying. Further, the pumpkin pie spice that’s blended in the rimming mix and the fall spices like cinnamon and ginger boost the integral taste.  

  1. Lemon-Sage Butter Roasted Turkey and Apple Cider Mimosas 

Lemon-sage and butter is such a classic flavor combination that’s almost used in various cooking. This compound is one of the roasted turkeys’ match-made-in-heaven rub. The tangy taste of the lemon juice and zest complements well with the sage-infused buttery. It’s a safe yet decadent flavor profile that even kids would love to eat. You can also add some stuffings you prefer inside the turkey’s cavities to add depth in flavor. 

The lemon-sage flavor of the turkey will perfectly match with a sweet and citrusy cocktail. Apple cider mimosa is a type of cocktail that can uplift most foods’ taste, especially turkey. Since it uses seasonal fall ingredients, it gives a significant reason to celebrate the season. This sparkly cocktail will surely spark exploding fall flavors in the mouth.  

  1. Spicy Orange-glazed Turkey and Alejandro 

If you’re planning to take an Asian-inspired turkey dish, well, the spicy orange-glazed turkey is an excellent choice. Brining the turkey for 24 or 48 hours, with orange segments and other ingredients, would make the meat juicer and give an intense citrus taste. For the glaze, it’s usually a combination of sugar, chili that you prefer, and orange juice and zest.  

To get rid of the heat easily while complementing the taste, serving the Alejandro cocktail would be the best choice. It has a creamy texture, almost velvety, that cleans the tongue. This cocktail commonly uses heavy cream, gin, and a vanilla-citrus liqueur. Although it’s a peculiar cocktail mix, you’ll be surprised by how it tastes.  

  1. Turkey Roulade and Rose Sangria with Cranberry 

Well, if you’re a turkey lover but don’t prefer serving a whole turkey during Thanksgiving day, you might want to try cooking turkey roulades. Basically, turkey roulades use the breast part of the turkey that is tenderized and flattened for easy rolling.  Before the breast is rolled, it’s stuffed in the center with cheese, sun dried tomatoes, herbs, or whatever stuffing combination you prefer. Thereafter, it’s carefully rolled and covered with cling wraps to make it firm. You can either pan-fry or roast it.  

Another iconic and significant ingredient in Thanksgiving is cranberry. This berry has been used for stuffing and desserts during the holidays. Rose sangria and cranberry is a cocktail with a subtle rose taste (without totally perfuming the drink) and sweet and sour cranberry juices.  

  1. Deep-fried Turkey and Ginger Snap Cocktail 

Since everybody loves deep-fried foods, why not deep-fry your turkey on Thanksgiving day so that you’ll have a different take from what’s accustomed? The whole turkey meat is brined first before it’s deep-fried. After 8 to 16 hours, the meat absorbs most of the flavors from the mixture. After that, pat dry the turkey before putting it in the boiling hot oil. 

Serving ginger snap cocktails would cut the fatty and oily sensation in the mouth. It’s a mixture of vodka and ginger liqueur with fall spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. This cocktail is sweetened with natural agave syrup and commonly served on rocks.  


Indeed, nothing beats the Thanksgiving holiday with families celebrating goodness and abundance with decadent foods on the table. Although it’s a traditional annual holiday, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating unconventional ingredients and flavor combinations into the classical Thanksgiving menu. 

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