$4000 Stimulus Checks For These 3 States

stimulus check
stimulus check

The federal government has not issued any additional stimulus checks. States, on the other hand, have been paying their stimulus checks. They’ve also enhanced their basic income strategy.

Apply For The State Stimulus Check Programs If You Are Eligible 

Here are three States which will provide monetary assistance to their residents. 


The Golden State Stimulus II program, which will issue over 800,000 checks totaling $575 million to families who qualify, will provide stimulus payments to California citizens.

A total of 9,000 direct deposits totaling a little over $6 million resulted in the issue of around 794,000 paper checks totaling $568 million between December 18 and December 31.

Californians must have resided in the state for more than half of the 2020 tax year and earned no more than $75,000 in that year to be eligible for either of the Golden State Stimulus I or II checks.

New Jersey

The New Jersey stimulus check will provide a $2,000 one-time payment to those who qualify, up to a total of $4,000 per household. Applications are now being accepted, with a deadline of Monday, February 28. If the funds are depleted before the deadline, the application period may conclude sooner. Undocumented people, those who have recently been imprisoned, and people who haven’t gotten a government stimulus check or pandemic unemployment compensation are all eligible for this money.


Under Shreveport, Louisiana’s guaranteed income program, 110 qualified households will receive these payments for 12 months. The city only accepted entries for a week until January 17.

While the selected participants were due to be paid on Monday, February 28, the city ran into some issues and had to postpone the payment. A resident must be a single parent with an annual income of 120 percent of the national poverty threshold to be eligible for the checks. The city defines a single-parent with a school-aged child as a father, mother, stepparent, caregiver, grandparent, or legal guardian.

The child must be at least three years old and under the age of twenty by August 2021. Furthermore, the city said that if you are not married, you are not permitted to live with a partner.

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