Former President Trump Rally Highlighting January 6 Case Of Alleged Nazi Symphetizer Sparks Criticism

Trump Rally
Trump Rally

Representative Zoe Lofgren, a member of the House committee looking into the January 6, 2021 uprising, criticized the former President of the States on Sunday for including a speaker at this trump rally who emphasized the plight of a January 6 rioter and alleged Nazi sympathizer. The alleged was found guilty alleged. 

Late in August, Biden called the Republican stance of those who supported his predecessor “semi-fascism” and chastised them.

Cynthia Hughes, the head of a nonprofit that supports January 6 prisoners like Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, whose case went global after the Justice Department revealed images of him sporting a characteristic “Hitler mustache,” spoke at Trump’s event in Pennsylvania.

While there are hundreds of other defendants in the Capitol riot case to use as examples, Trump rally’s selection of a speaker highlighting such a case drew a sharp retort from Lofgren, a member of the House Judiciary Committee: “There is no doubt that being an Adolf Hitler supporter classifies one as a fascist. This does concern me, in my opinion.”

Trump Rally In January For Alleged Nazi Symphetizer Sparks Criticism: 

Trump used his first trump rally since the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago to try to appeal to his base, railing against Biden, whom he called an “enemy of the state,” the FBI, and the Justice Department, while only briefly praising the Pennsylvania Senate and presidential candidates he was in Wilkes-Barre to support. Trying to signal support for Capitol rioters just was one example of this. The former President recently declared that if he runs and wins in 2024, he would “very, very seriously” consider fully pardoning the Capitol rioters.

Hughes cited Hale-Cusanelli, whom she referred to as her nephew, being detained since his detention nearly two years ago as an illustration of what she called the greater injustice facing prisoners in cases involving the January 6 on Saturday.