Trump’s Special Advisor On The Coronavirus, Dr. Scott Atlas Resigns Monday

Dr. Scott Atlas
Dr. Scott Atlas

President Donald Trump’s special advisor on the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Dr. Scott Atlas , formally submitted his resignation with the concerned authorities this Monday, according to recent reports.

Scott Atlas is believed to have spoken with President Trump as recently as Monday after which he resigned from his post, dating his letter of resignation for the 1st of December. Dr. Atlas was considered to be a specially employed Government official or a SGE (Special Government Employee) whose was to serve a 130-day detail with the Government during the nationwide pandemic crisis period. His 130 days come to an end this week.

Dr. Scott Atlas’ Resignation Letter Touts Trump’s Handling Of The Coronavirus Situation

The resignation letter has been dated as 1st December by Scott Atlas who mentioned how the Trump administration has handled the pandemic situation. He further extended his best wishes to the upcoming Biden administration in the case of handling the coronavirus situation.

Scott Atlas further mentioned in his letter that within the limited time of his job, he had worked with only one goal in focus, that was to save lives. He stated that had always relied on the latest information, evidence and science behind this virus while single-mindedly trying to save American lives without the influence or consideration of any political force.

His letter further reads that he had always focused on minimizing the harm suffered by the poor and the working class by suggesting policies that would ease their suffering with structural help from the government.

Scott Atlas was the one who was severely criticized for saying that “lockdowns are harmful”. But he goes on to elaborate on this in his resignation letter. He mentions that some might disagree with his suggested policies but according to him, he had said what he thought was best after reading into the latest information regarding the nature of the virus and the pandemic.