Moderna Showed Remarkable Efficacy During COVID-19 Vaccine Trial


Continuing the relay of wonderful news regarding the coronavirus vaccines, Moderna, the biotech firm, has made the announcement of their final outcome on 30,000 people who have shown positive results of the vaccine candidate.

During today’s press release, the company revealed that a mere 11 individuals developed symptoms of COVID-19 after receiving a couple of doses of Moderna’s vaccine candidate after they had already been infected by the pandemic virus. Additionally, there are some symptomatic cases of 185 people who are currently included in the group of placebo. After all these cases, the efficacy of Moderna is 94.1% as reported by the company which has performed way better than what was expected of them.

Moderna’s Candidate

Moderna has passed with flying colors as their vaccine was 100% effective against several other severe syndromes. Moderna now intends to file for the authorization of emergency use of the vaccine from the FDA and awaiting the green signal from the agency of European Medicines.

The vaccine Moderna utilizes a brand new technology of mRNA in their fight against the virus, SARS-CoV-2. mRNA makes use of the spike which is a form of protein that hovers over the pathogen surface.

Pfizer has also resorted to a similar technique and acquired astounding results to their 3rd phase clinical trial with 95% efficacy. Pfizer has already filed for EUA approval last week itself.

Both Pfizer and Moderna have conducted their vaccine trial on people of similar genders, ethnicities, and groups. Moderna was given $1 billion from the government of the US to develop its vaccine candidate.

Moderna intends to charge about $32-$37 for each dose of vaccine across all the developed nations and will provide 20 million doses to the US this year.