Tyga Is Arrested For Felony Domestic Violence After Turning Himself


Tyga voluntarily turned himself in to LA police on Tuesday, October the 12th, after his ex-girlfriend, Camaryn Swanson, accused him of hitting her.

A representative for the LAPD stated that Tyga went to Hollywood Div around 9 and was arrested and booked for felony domestic violence. The bail set up for him is around $50,000. The violent incident took place on the 11th of October. Due to confidentiality, no information regarding the victim has been released.

Tyga did not respond to any media for comments. The alleged altercation between Tyga and Swanson reportedly took place early Monday morning, after Swanson showed up at Tyga’s house.

Swanson shared pictures and videos where she was bruised near her eye. She also showed the cuff of her sweatshirt which was stained with blood. She wrote that she was emotionally and mentally abused and chose not to hide it anymore. She was ashamed and embarrassed that she had to go through this but now she chose to stand up for herself.

Tyga Had Faced Several Legal Challenges In The Past

The rapper has faced various legal challenges in the past, which included several lawsuits related to his 2011 video “Make It Nasty.” First, three women sued the rapper and claimed that they were told there would be no nudity in the video, but on set they were asked to appear topless, and promised that their exposed bosom would be edited out which were allegedly not met. Soon after, a third woman, Allison Brown, alleged that, during the shoot, she was given alcohol, forced to appear topless on camera, and groped by someone in a rabbit suit.