Gunfire exchanged in DMZ across border between North and South Korea

On Sunday, May 3, North Korea released several bullets at a South Korean guard post present in the buffer zone between the two nations. 

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is a patch of land separating the two nations. 

In response to North Korea’s gunshots, the South Korean military staff fired in the direction of the North, while maintaining protocols.

The gunshots were fired at 7:41 in the morning, as reported to the press early on Sunday by the Joint Chief of Staff from the South Korean government, General Suh Wook. 

In a statement, the South Korean JCS further mentioned that the gunshots did not cause any noticeable damage to the guard post nor did it injure anyone. 

South Korean officials claimed that they do not have any knowledge of what caused or provoked the firing.

South Korea Responds With Return Fire To North Korea’s Gunshots

Following the North Korean shootings, South Korea initially responded verbally with a warning, after which it fired two shots as per protocols mentioned in the response manual. The orders were reportedly given by the field commander. 

Reports suggest that several high military officials are still investigating the issue. A spokesperson for the South Korean military said that communications across buffer zones with North Korea were underway to identify what triggered the gunshots to avoid any move that might worsen the situation. 

Fires Exchanged Between The Two Nations In The Past As Well

This is not the first time that the two nations have crossed fire. The two nations signed a peace summit on 29th September 2018 which has effectively maintained peace between the war-torn nations. 

Since then, each nation had destroyed around 11 guard posts in the buffer territory but many still remain. Previously in 2014 and 2017, both the nations had exchanged fires owing to defectors but the cause of this one remains unknown. 



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