Amber Heard Piles On Lawsuit Against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Amber Heard has boosted her claims against Johnny Depp. Amber had earlier filed a lawsuit against Depp accusing him of physical abuse. Amber did not only go against Depp, but she also sued the police department of Los Angeles. The celebrity couple has been involved in a nasty mess post break up. The fight dates back to 2016 when Amber filed a divorce against Johnny Depp. However, things took a wrong turn when Johnny counter filed a case of defamation. Amber published an article speaking about their divorce. This article seemed to bother Depp a lot. The case of defamation lodged was $50million. Since then, the fight has only gotten worse. Amber is now going after the department of police as well. Let us find out more about the incident below. 

Amber Heard Not Ready To Give Up Yet

In a recent turn of events, Amber has handed a subpoena over to the department of police, Los Angeles. The subpoena was passed by a clerk John Frey. Frey worked at the Fairfax County Court. The suit had demanded more insights about some LAPD officials. These officials were the ones that were involved in the case between Amber & Depp. 

The legal team of Amber has demanded the production of every detailed information. They have asked for records, documents, books, tangible and other electronic evidence. The team also requested the footage of the body camera. This footage was recorded by Tyler Hadden & Melissa Saenz.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp has accused Amber Heard of defaming him. He also stated that the controversy is affecting his professional life to a great extent. Depp was being ghosted by a chunk in Hollywood. He did not even receive decent acting offers after the controversy surfaced. 

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