Tyrese Gibson Credits Shayla, His Daughter, For Being The Robopine

tyrese gibson

Tyrese Gibson has been revealed as the man under the Robopine costume on the popular TV show, “The Masked Singer”. He gave an interview after the reveal where he gave all the credit for him being there to his 13-year-old daughter. However, the daughter is yet to know of it.

Tyrese Gibson’s Feelings On The Appearance

Tyrese Gibson began the interview by promptly giving all credit to his daughter, Shayla for being on the show. He continued by talking about his experience while the pandemic was raging. He said that he got the chance to do activities that he never imagined he would have the time for. He usually lives a very busy life with hardly any time to spare, to get income coming.

But there he was suddenly able to enjoy time with family, and watch TV, which Tyrese Gibson admits he never gets the time for. In one such moment, Shayla was binge-watching all the seasons of the TV show in question. She suggested to him to do it once but he did not think so at all. A raging debate ensued. Just after that, his agent called saying that the show wants Tyrese Gibson to appear.

They were surprised on hearing him say that he was interested in the offer. He went on to explain that he is no longer as competitive as he used to be in music. Right now, he said, he is comfortable not doing music if he is not doing it already. However, unfortunately, Tyrese could not speak to her daughter about being on the show.

The celebrities that appear on the show are usually of the most confidential nature. Tyrese claimed the measures that the show took to keep identities a secret shocked and surprised him. This included not even being able to tell his daughter about it.

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