Tyron Woodley Get A Fight Out Of The Blue Against Jake Paul As Tyron Fury Backs Out

Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley

Former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley had no inkling that he was headed for a fight on the first day of December as he worked on a TV show. He received an unexpected call from Nakisa Bidarian, the chief adviser of Jake Paul. It was not related to any fight.

But Bidarian also mentioned in passing about the COVID-19 variant and the chances of travel restrictions tying down Tommy Fury. The brother of heavyweight champ, Tyson Fury. Bidarian told Tyron Woodley that it pays to always be ready. Woodley had then mentioned that he was match-ready and preparing for a fight in January.

Tyron Woodley said that he had never expected that call from Bidarian. He was then filming for 0 to 15 hours a day. He wasn’t expecting much from that casual call.

And Tommy Fury backed out 24 hours later with a broken rib and a chest infection. Another 48 hours and Tyron Woodley had a match on hand with Jake Paul.

Tyron Woodley Considers The Match Was His As Paul Had Agreed To It

Tyron Woodley considers that the match had been his as Paul had agreed to a rematch after the latter’s split-second win in Cleveland on August 29. But Paul’s team went for Fury.

There were already rumblings in November that the younger Fury was uncertain. And things altered in a jiffy.

Woodley persisted with his training all through the Paul-Fury drama. He said that he had a hunch that the fight between Paul and Fury would not materialize. So he had to stay prepared and ready for a change in plan.

And it happened. Woodley was ready when he received the call from Paul’s team, and agreed to it immediately.

Showtime Sports President Stephen Espinoza says that Woodley agreed immediately. He says that it was karma that the match had to happen. The first round had been really close and Paul owed him a match as he had given his word.