Tyron Woodley & Jake Paul Involve In Verbal Banter

Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley got into a verbal fight with Jake Paul. The incident took place in the afternoon on Thursday. A team member of Jake Paul allegedly taunted the mother of Woodley. Woodley and Paul are scheduled to face each other in a UFC fight. The face-off will take place on Sunday. The duo appeared for their routine press conference. That is when the trouble started. Some of Paul’s team members started abusing and taunting Woodley’s mother. They also abused his sister who was also present in the crowd. This angered Tyron Woodley a lot. Quickly the situation threatened to go out of control. Luckily, the security officials brought Woodley and their family out. No injuries were reported from the incident. Let us have a detailed account of the incident below. 

Tyron Woodley Angry After Abuse On His Mom

The upcoming bout between Woodley and Paul seems to get more personal. Woodley seemed very much angry from the incident that happened at the conference. He stated that nothing mattered most to him than his family. Woodley said that disrespecting his family was an issue he would never tolerate. The fighter stated that as they were posing for the camera, he heard someone taunt his mother.

Reactions also came in from Woodley’s opponent. Jake Paul stated that he was not very pleased with the incident. However, Paul felt that there was no need for an apology. He stated that this was no ordinary sport. One cannot expect things to be sober and kind. Paul warned Woodley that he should be aware and equipped enough to protect himself in the fight. 

Tyron Woodley gave a no-nonsense reply to his opponent. He said that Paul could have done anything he wished to Tyron. From attacking him to taking his glasses and hat off. But by disrespecting his family, a major line has been crossed. The Sunday fight now becomes even more interesting. It remains to be seen which way the match goes. 


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