Tyson Fury Claims That His Pre-pLanned Fight Against Anthony Joshua Has Been Cancelled

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury

After the self-imposed ultimatum of Monday at 5 p.m. passed, Tyson Fury claims his planned world heavyweight championship fight against Anthony Joshua is off.

Last Friday night, Tyson Fury sent Joshua’s team an ultimatum, saying that if any agreement couldn’t be reached in schedule, he would withdraw from the highly anticipated all-British fight. Fury had earlier urged Anthony to sign the agreement throughout the day in his postings, but shortly after the limit, he said the match was “officially ended.”

Tyson Fury remarked in a video that was uploaded to Instagram: ‘Well folks, it’s done. D-day has already passed. Monday evening is passed five o’clock. There isn’t an agreement in place. For Anthony, it’s effectively over now. His current location is outside among the wolfpack. Don’t think about it.’

The current WBC title holder has cussed Anthony with some foul remarks calling him just another body builder, and coward. Tyson Fury said that he has always known that Anthony wasn’t a worthy competitor to Gypsy King. He said that regardless whatever else Joshua will say now, he don’t care about it anymore.

Tyson Fury Made It Official That The Fight Between Him And Anthony Joshua Now Stands Cancelled:

We haven’t got any response from Anthony yet. However from what said on last Sunday that he happened to have planned to sign the agreement but he wanted to take legal advises at first. Joshua In his Instagram video back then said that it was not in his hands and it is the opinion of the legal team he is waiting for.

Eddie Hearn, Aj’s promoter, had previously stated that there were “no possibility” that contracts would be completed by Monday, despite the fact that it is believed that the challenger’s side already had verbally acknowledged Tyson Fury’s proposal of a 60-40 prize split.

An indicator that a contract for the anticipated bout in December was believed to be near was the fact that TV officials of BT Sport and stream provider Dazn were expected to convene on Monday to negotiate broadcasting rights.


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