UFC 265 Saw Ciryl Gane Win Much More Than A Title From Derrick Lewis


During the heavyweight title in UFC 265, Ciryl Gane dominates Derrick Lewis. There was no major comeback from Derrick Lewis in the game as Gane was the one dictating the flow of the fight entirely. For claiming the title of the champion, Francis Ngannou is the next opponent to be faced by Gane.

In UFC 265, Ciryl had a dominating game and finished the game by knocking Lewis out during the third bout. Ciryl began his training in MMA a mere three years back. Prior to doing that, he was a Muay Thai fighter for a couple of years. At present, he is among the best MMA heavyweights to be around. 

The UFC 265 win is extremely important for the business part of UFC since they have been prepping to move to France. The chances of the promotions making more rounds increase radically since both the fighters of the title of the heavyweight world champion trained alongside each other in Paris. 

After efforts and lobbying of over a decade, MMA was approved by the French in 2020. The win of Gane in UFC 265 came at the best time because this french fighter can claim the heavyweight title in his home country against the current champion, who also happens to be from France.

UFC 265 Paving The Path For MMA In France

UFC has been planning to spread out its branches in France for a long time now, and after much effort, it has paid off, and France has made MMA legal. The major advantage that came out of UFC 265 is that the winner of the bout is from France. That apart, the reigning heavyweight champion is also from France, and the next card held between them would gain much traction since both the fighters trained together. 

UFC 265 has watched Ciryl Gane emerge as a ferocious winner and dominate his match against Derrick Lewis, despite the former being just on the 10th game of his MMA career.