Al Roker Has Stated That He Is Never Too Old For Forecasts

Al Roker
Al Roker

Al Roker may be old, but he is not weak, and he is definitely not here for someone’s commentary on social media about his age. Last weekend, several fans went on Twitter to showcase their concern after they were witness to the 67-year-old weatherman being slammed by waves as he coveted Hurricane Ida.

The original footage was posted by MSNBC where it was pretty visible that the legendary weatherman was in the thick of the hurricane, with no worries about his age. Now, while several of his fans have been worried sick about this, the weatherman had a message himself to share as he appeared on The Sunday Show. 

Al Roker: Too Old For Weather Forecasts?

Al Roker mentioned that he had chosen to do this- for this was something that he had been doing for the last four decades. The network made sure that everyone was safe- as there was absolutely no reason for anyone to put themselves in harm’s way. After all, they might be loving the weather and the channel, but not more than their lives.

And as far as his well-wishers on social media go, Roker didn’t exactly take them in the way they were delivered. In his usual joking manner, he stated that he was more capable than all the young ‘punks’ in the business right now. 

Al Roker’s response was to several social media comments which asked him to stay inside during the Hurricane, for after all his services to the channel, he deserved a break. One of his fans tweeted that there was absolutely no need for them to be forcing Roker to stand in the middle of the hurricane- considering the man was a national treasure. In a later tweet, the weatherman- previously diagnosed with prostate cancer- stated that he and his crew were perfectly alright. 

Al Roker’s commentary came to an end with him reminding his fans that he was never too old to be doing what he loved doing.