Cardi B’s New Release, Up, Is “More Gangster”

Cardi B
Cardi B

The first music video of the American rapper, Cardi B, for the year 2021, came out. The title of the music is “Up”. It came out this Friday. This music marks the beginning of her music of the new year. Up got dropped after her previous work called “WAP” which had been one of the blockbusters of the year 2020.

In the new music video, the rapper, and songwriter can be seen at a cemetery. The whole idea of the video is her bidding farewell to the year 2020. Cardi B chose to wear an outfit of a sultry nature. She said that the out was for a funeral of the previous year.

Offset Proud Of Cardi B

The 28-year-old took to the social media platform Instagram, to promote her latest release. She posted a snippet of Up. Cardi B wrote a few lines from its lyrics as a caption of the post she shared. The caption was of a little more than two lines.

She was not the only one to promote her music. Her husband, Offset, too took to the social media platform, Instagram, to do the same. Offset shared the same snippet that was shared by Cardi B. the caption that he gave, read, “UP OUT NOW”. However, it did not end there. He then went on to share his feelings that he has for the wife. Offset wrote about how proud he was of Cardi B. He also mentioned that she was a hard worker. He also made use of the heart emojis.

Up is proving to be a hit until now. The music video got a total view of over 2 million just within less than 12 hours of getting posted. It was posted over the online video streaming giant, YouTube. Cardi B revealed her inspiration behind the music video. She mentioned that since the last song of hers, had been a “sexy” one, she wanted to deviate from that type. She wanted to create something that was “more gangster”, so she did it.