US Are Still Unbeaten Against The Toughest Opponents Of The Group, England


After England’s display in their first match against Iran, the whole football world along with the US soccer fans were eager to see the results when these sides faced each other. Much to a disappointment to the neutral fans, the teams managed a simple nil-nil draw in Friday’s clash royale of group B.

Facing the England team that was filled with superstars from the English Premier Division, America’s men’s soccer team was quite an underdog despite their beautiful athletic display in their first game against the Wales. Thus, their supporters will be the happier set of people.

However, their players appeared to be disappointed as they made their knockout qualifying chances complicated. With Iran winning against Wales in the match before the American team played England, now they has to win their last match against Iran whereas Iran just have to avoid defeat to qualify in the next round.

USMNT Stays Unbeaten In The World Cup:

In a post match interview, Weston McKennie of Juventus told the reporters about how they were more tough and looked more penetrating against the mighty England. However, they failed to convert any of their chances.

The sides have now met for the third time in the national level and the American national team only won once but England won twice.

Despite England dominating the opening exchanges, the US national team came into the game and appeared to be the more dangerous at halftime. As England failed to handle the ferocity of the American team, Christian Pulisic’s shot hit the crossbar.

It had the same feeling as the American MNT last game against Wales, when it had a strong start. Upon the particular occasion, this new squad mean lifespan at the start of the World Cup was twenty-five years and 214 days—struggled to maintain the energy and conceded a late equaliser via Gareth Bale’s penalty.