Golden Globes 2023 Full Of Attacks

golden globes 2023

Addressing the issue with the board Hollywood Foreign Press Association was needed and done in an appropriate way. But could have been done better. The golden globes 2023 attendees and nominees met with an unwanted or uncomfortable situation, which was definitely needed. After a break, Jerrod Carmichael, the host, brought up many cases and incidents which made many uncomfortable. Later he did mention they were never his intention. But it was the only way his voice could have been heard and the attendees’ attention.

Respect And The Golden Globes 2023

Jerrod Carmichael, the host, who is black and made the ‘white’ organization heard his voice. He made it quite clear he doesn’t enjoy the golden globes at all. He is just there for the check, that has been offered to him. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is a white organization that organizes the Golden Globes and has been doing this for over two decades. The host felt it was a clever stunt that the organization pulled to offer him the host’s position, probably trying to mask their previous mistakes.

They didn’t have a black host in 79 years, which is shocking to the world. And since the tragic death of George Floyd not a single black person has been there, he left an open statement and gave the freedom to the audience to provide any type of meaning they want. And disclosing this sensitive information might get him in trouble with the organization, well he took care of it as well, He is unfirable.

After all the drama, he sent his love and respect to everyone present there. The Golden Globes 2023 became the spot or only option to regain the lost respect for people irrespective of color and gender. The golden globes never stopped for anyone or anything, been biased to many. And other winners and attendees agreed with them. The Fabelmans, RRR won The Golden Globes 2023.