Disbandment of US House Office of Diversity and Inclusion

office of diversity and inclusion

The US House Office of Diversity and Inclusion will be dissolved, according to an announcement by its director, Sesha Joi Moon, as part of the government spending bill that was passed on Friday. Moon stated to CNN that her department will be succeeded by the Office of Talent Management under the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer.

Transition and Appreciation For Office Of Diversity And Inclusion

Effective Monday, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion will cease operations, marking a significant shift amidst mounting criticism and opposition towards DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives and programs, particularly from Republican lawmakers.

Initially established in March 2020, the office aimed to cultivate a congressional workforce reflective of the nation’s demographic composition. Its core responsibilities, as outlined on its website, encompassed various areas such as financial management, candidate services, member services, research and data analytics, and professional development.

Transitioning out of her position later this year, Moon expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute towards ensuring that the US Congress boasted a workforce characterized by qualification and diversity, thanking key entities such as the Office of the Speaker of the House, Office of the House Democratic Leader, Committee on House Administration, and the entire House community for their support across multiple congressional terms.