Things to Never Forget When Creating Product Videos 

GoPro launches Quick app to help preserve and edit photos and videos
GoPro launches Quick app to help preserve and edit photos and videos

Creating videos is a great way to showcase those parts of your product which cannot be easily explained in writing, or which are just better shown through use. Many people are visual learners. Writing just doesn’t cut it for these people. That’s why product videos are some of the most sought-after content that you can create for your business. Common-sense notions, mixed with your professional branding, are what will lift your sales to the next level. Here are the most important things to never forget when creating product videos for your business.  

What You Say is just as Important as What They See 

You may be tempted to say that product videos are simple. They showcase the features of the product, talk a little bit about how the product works, and then they close with a company logo. Realistically though, more goes into product videos than you might expect. There is a huge list of marketing secrets that can help you to encourage trust for future purchases and understanding for the plight of the consumer. After all, they are buying a product from you to solve an issue that they need help with—showing that you understand them will go a long way in tell you exactly what parts of your product should be focused on for the video.  

Remember to Prioritize Time 

Product videos should really only be a few minutes long, no more than ten at the most. This is because a lot of the people that watch the video, are watching it because they already own the product. There is no reason to go into the history of your business or introduce yourselves as a small business—the consumer already knows that. Instead, use your time efficiently and without being vague. Product videos are part instructional and part showcase, so you want to focus on the parts of your product that stand out against your competitors; while also showing why those features are important to the people that have just bought your product.  

Use Product Videos as Your Social Media Presence  

Never forget that when you create a product video, that video can double up as your social media post for the week. It should be more than just a space filler on your website. This also means that you should get a good feel for what you want your social media to be. The best way to get your videos (and posts) out in the world is by studying algorithms for each individual platform. How you approach each product video should then be done with those trends in mind. Approaching it like this, throws your product out into the world for people to see the difference, instead of them buying it and then looking for how to use it.  

Showcase Special Promotional Stuff & Announcements 

Custom promotional items are some of the greatest products that you can invest in. You can cover them in your logo and branding and hand them out to everyone you see on the street. But even better, you can use your product videos to help promote more specialty promo items. This is the difference between handing out pens and handing out purchasable clothing. Most of the time this is handled in one of two ways for product videos: 

  • The product portion of the video is shown, then at the end there is a call to action for purchasing limited time promo items, or 
  • Before the product portion of the video starts, there is a section notifying the audience that there are promo items.  

You’ll need to decide which version will be seen by your audience more. Both types come with advantages and disadvantages, just like your overall style of video (animation, voice over, live action) will appeal to some people but not to others.   

Further, you can also use your product videos as a way to make small announcements. (Make them small ones because bigger ones can have their own video.) Never forget that your product videos don’t have to be just showing a quick demo of your product. You have your consumer’s attention so you should try to make use of that before they click away.  

Experiment Until You See the Results 

Not every video is bound for greatness. Very few videos ever reach the status of becoming viral sensations. Instead of trying to blow up your business with goals that are, realistically, unrealistic—make sure that your content, in all of its forms, are what your consumers need/want. Many businesses start out with creating content that is 80% content and 20% video, but if your strengths lean towards one thing over another, then make that. If you want a website full of videos of your product, and you are getting a good amount of reaction and eyes from them—keep that up. Otherwise, explore your options. Never forget that your product videos can be anything that you want them to be.  

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