Ransomware Attack Over US Marshals Service Takes A Toll On Sensitive Information

US Marshals Service

A sudden ransomware attack over the US Marshals Service has been reported to have affected a computer software withholding “law enforcement listed sensitive information”, which includes personal documents of essential target investigations, a spokesman from US Marshals Service told over Monday evening. 

US Marshals Service Under Panic With Attack Of Second Most Malicious Cyber Incident 

A spokesperson named Drew Wade said in his statement the affected computer system contains sensitive law enforcement information and other personal identification documents pertaining to the subjects of investigations in regard to USMS, third parties, along with certain employees in connection to USMS.

The US Marshals Service, which handles certain federal cases of prisoners residing across the borders and also pursues fugitives, discovered this occurrence of the hacking and theft of informational data from their network on 17th February. Soon the services in contact were disconnected from the affected malware system, whereas the forensic team was called out by Justice Department for further investigation as told by Wade in his statement to the sources. 

The Department of Justice subsequently determined that it constitutes to be a major incident following the given statement. Being called the “major incident” is in itself a hack which is quite significant enough that certain federal agencies are to be notified by Congress. 

A senior agency official who’s familiar with the current happenings told sources to CNN, that none f the acquired data were been traced to be related to witness protection programs that were been acquired during the said incident. 

The Department of Justice announced its investigations to be still undergoing, and news agency NBC was reported to be the first to inform about in regards to the incident. The ransomware hack has been marked down as the second most malicious significant event that has happened over the past in connection to the cyber crime department. The incident has taken a huge toll on US federal law enforcement agencies since February