WNBA Draft 2021 Sees Dallas Wings Take Top 2 Picks With Both Kuier And Collier Joining


The WNBA Draft 2021 saw Charlie Collier, of Texas Post get the top pick at Dallas Wings. She becomes the first among the Longhorns to get the top pick at WNBA and the second after Brittney Griner of Baylor in 2013.

Finland’s Awak Kuier, at 6’5’’ was the second post player taken in by The Wings. This makes it a first in WNBA league history with both picks 1 & 2 going to the same team. The top choice was acquired by The Wings in February. They were awarded the 2nd pick in the lottery.

President Greg Bibb is naturally thrilled for the organization. It has been another giant progress. They have got the best stars.

Collier at 6’5’’ got an average of 19 points plus 11.3 rebounds each game. She also shot 51.1% for the Longhorns as they slid into the Elite 8. Collier is also a draft-eligible junior as she becomes 22 this year. Collier will be with a pro team in Texas, her home state. She lives in Houston.

She is naturally excited as it has been a long and tough journey to the WNBA Draft 2021. She is the 3rd among juniors as the top choice at the WNBA Draft 2021. Jewell Loyd with Jackie Young of Notre Dame were there before her in 2015 and 2019 respectively.

From Finland To WNBA Draft 2021

Kuier is originally from Sudan. Her family emigrated to Finland. She is the first Finn to be drafted. She is also the 7th international to be selected to the top 5 at the WNBA Draft 2021. Collier is happy to have Kuier as a teammate. She can’t wait to team up with her.

Chelsea Dungee, the scoring whiz also joined Dallas from Arkansas. She is the third 1st round pick. She joins another offensive guard in Arike Ogunbowale. Dallas finally picked the fourth by taking in Dana Evans from Louisville.