US to withdraw nearly 12,000 troops from Germany in move that will cost billions and take years

It has been revealed that the Trump Administration intends to remove 12,000 troops from their key ally Germany. The decision has been criticized by members from both the parties who say that it will be an offense to NATO and will further weaken the US military standing in global terms. 

Several top US security officials say that the move will be extremely expensive and will take several years to execute. Many have asked the president to reconsider but sources say that the White House is going ahead with the decision. 

Around 12,000 US troops have been ordered to come back to the country. The move, when first announced, said that 9,500 members of the military will be brought back. However, the number has increased considerably in the recent announcement. President Trump has put a mandatory cap of 25,000 US military members in Germany. 

A group of German leaders requested Trump to reconsider the move and said, “support us as we strive not to sever the bond of friendship but to strengthen it, and to secure the U.S. presence in Germany and Europe in the future.”

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