The New York Knicks Earned A Massive Victory As They Defeated The Warriors With 38 Points

New York Knicks
New York Knicks

The Warriors has always been the jump-shooting side in the NBA, especially known to aim for the three-pointers. On the other hand, the strategy of New York Knicks’ team has mostly been about toughness, grit and dirty work, anything necessary to win a game. In the contest between such too teams, Knicks laughed the last.

In the game between the Warriors and the New York Knicks in Tuesday, Knicks defeated the Warriors with a 132 to 94 humiliation. In the game, the California Warriors did what they o best, bullied their opponent with three-pointers from the start. However, the main concerning reason that saw them losing against the New York Knicks by a huge 38 point margin has been their inability to defend the ball deep in their court.

Steve Kerr after their loss has said that he thought that his team has not been physical enough in the first two quarters of the game. He said that this was the reason why they kept losing the balls and the offensive rebound. This is somewhat true as this eventually inevitably cost them the game against a strong team like the New York Knicks.

The New York Knicks Defeated The Warriors By A Huge 38 Point Margin:

Kevon Looney however thought that they lost the game as they were not physically up to the mark to put up a fight against the Knicks. The NY Knicks have scored 47 rebounds against 29 of the Warriors, out of which 14 for the Knicks were offensive.

The New York Knicks were winning the rebound game ever since the first half they won 8 more rebounds than the warriors and 5 of which were offensive rebounds. After that there was not much of a competition left in the game for the Warriors.