Vanessa Williams’ Performance Of “Black National Anthem” Sparks Controversy

Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams sparked serious controversy when she performed at the PBS Annual Capitol Fourth program on Sunday.More details below:

Vanessa Williams was seen performing the “Black National Anthem” on the PBS broadcast of July 4. This move, however, was not at all well received by the critics as they coined this move as “Un-American”.

Critics Are Unhappy With Vanessa Williams’ T “Un-American” Move

Vanessa Williams is a historical winner of the Miss America pageant. She stated that her performance at the PBS was the celebration of the recognition of Juneteenth’s establishment as a federal holiday.

Though Vanessa Williams’ version of ” Lift every voice and sing” is not going to be a replacement for the US National Anthem, critics did not take the occurrence lightly and formed a division in social media.

The Republic candidate, Lavern Spicer raised her concerns about the country being divided for this incident at a time when everybody is fighting a pandemic and needed to stick to one another.

Spicer stated on Twitter that a black national anthem should be exclusive of an African country and not for America as America is for everyone. Tim Young, the author, also expressed similar views about the incident.

Jenna Elis, who was the former deputy district attorney of Weld County, expressed her frustration by quoting the Allegiance pledge in her tweets.

Social media echoed similar bitter reactions from everyone against Vanessa Willams.

The original song “Lift every voice and sing” was composed by James Weldon Johnson, the NAACP leader in 1900. This song was popularly used in the 1950s and 60s by Civil Rights activists.

PBS will air the show from 8-9:30 pm EST and will also see Gladys Knight, Jimmy Buffett, and Train feature apart from Vanessa Williams.