Venom 2 Targets Lucrative First Week Run


Venom 2 is the most anticipated film of the Sony franchise. A lot of hype has been built around the movie release. The scheduled release of the movie has also been delayed several times. It will finally be released this coming Friday. Sony is highly expecting a lucrative business from the movie. So much so that they have estimated a run of over $50million for the initial week. 

The trailer was released some days back and it was a massive hit. The trailer has portrayed some high-end action sequences. This movie also has a fantastic combination of plot twists. Venom: Let There Be Carnage has especially been mentioned for its great VFX. Let us find out more about Venom 2 below.

Venom 2 Eyes A Rich First Week

The latest installment of Venom has left the fans waiting. Comic book fans are very much eager to witness the Carnage. The main villain of the movie is evident from the movie’s title. Carnage will feature for the first time on the big screen. Andy Serkis is the director of the movie. The character of Venom will be portrayed by Tom Hardy. 

According to the estimates, Venom 2 could witness a record opening. The movie experts have predicted a collection as high as $65m for the first week. This will be due to the audiences’ eagerness. With five delays, the patience of the fans is now on the edge. Another leading factor for the expected success of the film is the lack of superhero flicks. 

The only recent movie was Marvel’s Shang Chi. It has already been a month since it was released. Superhero movie fans are itching to set their eyes on a new one. However, Sony has decided to take it slow. They do not expect anything beyond $40m from Venom 2. Sony is not ready for unreal expectations and wants its movie to perform consistently.