Israel Security Chief Foresees Violence Over Netyanahu’s Power


There seems no end to the impasse as Benjamin Netanyahu, the outgoing Prime Minister of Israel has shown no signs of acceding to a smooth transition of power. Netanyahu with his allies seems moving towards a vitiated political atmosphere that could trigger unrest, warned the Security Chief of the country.

Bibi Netanyahu instead accused the 8 party coalition, which came together post-election, of committing an ‘election fraud’ on Israel. His stand is reminiscent of the position taken by Donald Trump, former American President, who had to be hauled out of power.

Stalemate In Israel

The President’s close ally, the Speaker in the Knesset, has backtracked from announcing a date to allow a swearing-in ceremony for a fresh government. The process is purely technical and he has at most a week for it. Traditionally it has taken fewer days for a smooth transition once the new rulers are announced.

Against Israeli Democratic Traditions: Experts

Israeli Democracy Institute Director Yohanan Plesner has said that this uncommon delay has gone against the democratic traditions of the country. He said that the speaker has needlessly complicated the process. He said that this has allowed the outgoing leader to make attempts to undermine the democratic process.

Netanyahu Alleges Fraud Against The Israeli Voter

But Benjamin Netanyahu is not ready to give in easily. He has gone one up on Trump. While the former US President has gone around with baseless stories of stolen votes, miscounts, and foreign influence, Netanyahu has all alone claimed that the opposition parties are committing fraud against voters, with the left aligning with the far right, just to overthrow him.

It was the greatest fraud against Israel, he alleged to representatives from his Likud Party. He likened his chief opponent, Naftali Bennett, to a suicide bomber.

The longest-serving PM in the country’s history, Netanyahu is staring at an ouster after 12 years. The coalition against him has been formed primarily to oust him from power. He is making a last-minute attempt to incite crossover from his rival camp.

Security Chief Warns Of Violence

The security chief of the nation has warned that this impasse could lead to violence. The head of Shin Bet, the country’s internal security service, Nadav Argaman said that the ongoing discourse was moving towards a dangerous situation that could trigger violence. But Netanyahu remains adamant in his stand.

Chief opposition leader Naftali Bennett has formed an unwieldy coalition of parties across the spectrum. He has urged Netanyahu to agree to an organized transition, and not move towards a ‘scorched earth policy.