Stimulus Check: More Payments Delivered This Week

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

In case you haven’t yet received the stimulus check from the first batch, the second batch sent out this week contains your payment. The second batch consists of around 37 million new payments that turn the entire third-round payments to a sum of $325 billion. For most of the Americans getting direct deposit payments, the official date of payments for this batch of deposits has been the 24th of March. 

Your Stimulus Check is On The Way

Direct deposit has since then been the fastest and easiest method for your payment getting delivered. The money coming for your third stimulus check will strictly be deposited into the bank account if the IRS has access to your necessary information.

Remember, the IRS doesn’t really have information for every single person who is considered eligible for yet another stimulus check. Therefore, the batch of payments for this week will also consist of a large number of debit cards as well as paper checks which will be sent through regular mail.

Also, in the event the direct deposit is sent to a bank account that is closed, this payment will be reissued to the address the IRS has on file. Hence, if you haven’t yet received your direct payment within this week, you will be getting one in your mailbox in the form of a card or check. 

Yet again, don’t fret if your stimulus check isn’t here yet. The IRS has plans of sending several additional stimulus payments every week as the economy moves forward. Most of the Americans who register themselves as eligible for the payment will be receiving it through direct deposit. Also, the IRS has been able to convert most of its payments to direct deposits- else they would have been sent as debit cards or paper checks. As a result, the stimulus payments will be much accelerated over the weeks.

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