Ex-Wives Of Jack White Can Count On Each Other

Jack White

Elson on Twitter wrote to that journalist who landed up dissing her, to keep the ex-wife of Elson’s ex-husband, Jack White, out of the journalist’s mouth. In the present week, Karen Elson, who is the ex-wife of Jack White gave her piece of mind to a journalist on the social platform when they were trying to come for the drumming abilities of Meg White.

The White Stripes’ tragedy is that things would have been great with the presence of even half a decent drummer. The journalist named Lachlan Markay further writes in that tweet which has now been deleted that he is sorry to say that Meg White has been terrible and also no band would be better with percussion as such.

In response to this, the 44-year-old Elson who had been previously wedded to Jack White jumped to the 48-year-old Meg’s rescue who also had been wedded to Jack White previously. Elson took this matter to Twitter itself and snapped at the journalist saying that Meg White is not only a fantastic drummer but has also been told by Jack White that White Stripes would not be anything without Meg White. 

Meg White, Ex-Wife Of Jack White, Defended By Other Musicians As Well

The Roots’ Questlove and other musicians came up to her defense and said that The Roots try to leave alone the troll’s views. However, the troll on Meg White went out of bounds. What actually went wrong with music is that people have been strangling the life of music just like some filter on Instagram- with the aim of reaching the highest level of perfection in music which does not even cater to the song.

Straight after this, the reporter filed an apology in regard to the tweet where he writes that now everyone has witnessed a now deleted and ill-advised tweet that he happened to release the previous day about Meg White and White Stripes.