Virgin River, Another Hit Netflix Show

Virgin River
Virgin River

Virgin River, the American television drama series, is an extremely cozy show. It airs on the popular streaming giant, Netflix. The show can be compared to a “warm hug.” The show has all the elements of a small-town. The show can also be compared to a bunch of other popular hit shows like Friday Night Lights and Gilmore Girls. The cast and the characters are unforgettable. 

Virgin River’s New Season

Despite the fact that Netflix does not share the viewer statistics with the viewers, it can be understood that Virgin River is already a hit. This is due to the fact that the show has not been canceled yet. The fourth season of the show had already been renewed even before the third season of the show made its premiere. The premiere took place on the 9th of July. This information has been given by one of the sources called “What’s On Netflix.”

According to its reports, the shooting of the fourth season is to begin at the end of the month of July. It is also to noted that this information has not been given out by Netflix officially. However, there is a high chance for this news to be true as the book series that Virgin River is based on is extremely lengthy. There are a total of 25 books that have been written by the American author, Robyn Carr.

The third season of the series ended up at a very dramatic stage for most of the characters. The most dramatic was concerning the character of Preacher. As for Jack and Mel, the situation could have been better for them. They are thrown into a situation that could have a very bad effect on the relations that they share. Of the very few characters that ended up well in the last season of the Virgin River are Doc and Hope.