Vital Role Of Howard White Behind The Creation Of Jordan Brand

Howard White

Howard White is the executive for Nike for the longest tenure in the history of the company. Howard White, who is now 72 years old, has been a major supporter of American professional basketball player Michael Jordan and has played an important role in the formulation of the brand Air Jordan from the earliest days.

White now is the longest-tenured, African American executive for Nike. He had become a mentor and manager for Jordan and was one of the first pitchers to Jordan and his parents of the idea of creating a brand in the name of the basketball star in 1984. As Jordan signed the endorsement contract with Nike in 1985, the whole industry of footwear transformed.

Under the guidance of Howard White, the Jordan Brand was successfully launched in the year 1997 with a positive reaction from fans and buyers. Over the course of 25 years, the Jordan Brand has been a subdivision brand of Nike worth $ 5 billion and Howard has served as its vice president. White has seen Jordan winning six National Basketball Association championships as he played in his own Jordan Air sneakers. 

Michael Jordan Asks For Homage Paid To Howard White In The 2023 Movie Air

Air is a movie directed by actor and director Ben Affleck in 2023. The movie, which was released on April 5 by Amazon Prime Videos, explores and narrates the story of the formulation and creation of the brand Jordan Air. When Affleck approached Jordan last year to learn more about the early days of the creation of the brand. Jordan had stated the role played by Howard White behind the Jordan Brand and his story. He clearly told Affleck that it is important that White needs to be portrayed in the film. The character of Howard White has been played by Chris Tucker in Air.