20-year-old Wander Franco Has A Debut To Remember Although Rays Falter

wander franco
wander franco

Wander Franco has been rated by consensus as being the top prospect in baseball for two seasons now. However, many were still wondering if the 20-year-old was ready for the big leagues. Franco put those doubts to rest, at least on his debut, as performed spectacularly even though the Tampa Bay Rays were defeated.

Rays Will Hope This Will Be Regular From Wander Franco

Of course, it has been only one game for Wander Franco. But he has lived up to expectations for that one game at least. In his debut appearance in the major leagues, he started at 3rd base. Then he hit a triple RBI, a double, and a homer. He also showed a dramatic flair with his curtain call as his team lost 5-9 to the Boston Red Sox in the 11th inning on Tuesday.

Wander Franco made his debut appearance in the major leagues in the 1st inning itself. Then in the 5th inning, he hit a homer with a distance of 362 foot which leveled the scores at 5 each. The homer also allowed Yandy Diaz and Kevin Kiermaier to get 2 runs in. He exuded confidence along with a swagger as he ran the path between the bases. Tropicana Field’s crowd was electrified.

Franco had lifted the right arm when was entering the plate, then raised both arms as he crossed the plate. The Rays crowd roared after he made the connection in the 5th inning on the Eduardo Rodriguez pitch. This led to the player’s first major league curtain call.

Later, Wander Franco clarified that he knew he was going to homer because he got the pitch he was expecting. He was glad that his expectations were correct and the team got a helping hand. Franco had motioned in the direction of his father as he crossed the plate, who was ecstatic.

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