Stimulus Check Worth $850 Can Be Claimed Within October

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

The US federal government has not yet confirmed anything on providing the fourth stimulus check to their citizens. However, several states have stepped up and decided to offer additional stimulus money. These decisions are being taken in order to help the residents cope with the increasing living costs due to inflation. As a result, US states are giving tax rebates and relief payments to eligible residents. 

Maine Gives Stimulus Check

The residents of Maine are very relieved owing to the reason that their state government has promised to provide stimulus checks worth $850. This relief check is being sent to the eligible people of Maine so they can stay afloat during this difficult time of economic hardship. Financial problems have become a concern due to the inflation and pandemic. 

These issues have urged the Maine government to use its budget surplus to fund additional stimulus checks. Residents will receive $850 on 31st October. Moreover, the official website of Maine’s governor has made the announcement that almost 858,000 residents are going to get relief money

Relief Money For Maine Citizens 

Janet Mills, Governor of Maine, has mentioned that independents, Republicans as well as Democrats have all come together to approve providing relief money to eligible people. 

It must be noted that eligible residents should have filed tax returns. In addition, individuals must not earn more than $100,000, household heads should earn under $200,000 and couples must earn under $150,000 annually while filing taxes. The official website of Janet Mills has also accepted the fact that the deadline for filing income taxes by individuals has already passed. 

As a result of this, the government has already taken the decision and announced that they have postponed the deadline for stimulus check application till 31st October.