Watch for the Lyrid meteor shower this week

Lyrid meteor shower
Lyrid meteor shower

The first half of this week is going to be eventful for all those avid skywatchers. The Lyrid meteor shower would be lighting up the sky from Sunday evening to Wednesday afternoon. So, get to your roofs with your binoculars on (social distancing is still required), and watch the shooting stars glide through the sky. 

This meteor shower is eventful- there hasn’t been a meteor shower since January, and unlike the last year’s one, we would actually be able to see things properly this time. 

If you want to see a display of fast-moving fireworks, then 4 to 5 am would be the best period for you. But, if you would rather see slow-moving meteors streaking through the sky, go early. The best time would be before midnight. 

The peak hours of the shower would have at least 10-20 showers per hour, so if you are lucky you might get to see the vision of a lifetime. Considering Wednesday will probably be the peak time for the shower, it would be wise of you to climb to a desolate spot with binoculars and maybe a bag of nachos, and watch as the hours go by and the streaks glide through the open sky. 


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