Kardashian Christmas Bash: Mother Of Pete Davidson Rumored

Kardashian Christmas Bash
Kardashian Christmas Bash

Kardashian Christmas Bash has become kind of a ritual now. It is one of the biggest Christmas events in America. The whole Kardashian family comes together to celebrate the auspicious occasion. The event took place on 24th December 2021. A number of guests graced the event. The event was arranged by Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.  However, the talk of the evening was not the event itself.  Fans and critics thought they had found an interesting guest at the party.

The rumors started from a picture posted by Khloe Kardashian. Khloe posted on Instagram portraying the good time she was having. However, the fans were quick to spot a figure in the background. One of the fans marked the figure in the background and asked everyone if it was Amy Davidson. Amy is the mother of Pete Davidson. Speculations are currently running wild about whether she was invited to the party or not. However, a majority of Instagram users have confirmed the figure to Amy Davidson. 

The Kardashian Christmas Bash has not yet released the guest list officially. Thus, one cannot say for sure if Pete’s mother was invited or not. Pete Davidson did not attend the party. He missed out due to professional obligations. Many other fans have dismissed the news. They said that the figure was of Mindy Weiss. Several others thought that she was Cici Bussey.

Kardashian Christmas Bash Has Rumors Running Wild 

It has been no secret that Kim Kardashian is currently dating Pete Davidson. The relationship was made public ten months after the separation of Kim & Kanye. The duo was spotted kissing on a segment of Saturday Night Live. Since then, the pair has been spotted frequently. The Kardashian Christmas Bash rumors only cemented their relationship further. 

It now remains to be seen whether Amy Davidson was indeed at the Kardashian Birthday Bash. This would mean that both the families exchange a good rapport. The official confirmation about Amy’s presence is yet to come.